Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021

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Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021

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Message from the Chair - Feb 2015

As we enter into a new 4 year term on Council, I would like to extend a much deserved "Thank You" to Kelli Hansson and the Economic Development Committee of the past term. This committee has initiated positive projects that will continue to be developed and completed during my term on council.

The following is a brief list of some of the projects we are currently involved with:

 *Broadband Internet – We have been working closely with Blue Sky Net to establish affordable broadband in areas that currently don’t receive it.  To date, applications have been submitted to FedNor and NOHFC to deliver enhanced fixed wireless services in identified rural areas, and to build advanced Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) services in the more urban communities, which will help to expand current DSL reach.

* Township Playgrounds - Economic Development, PARCA, dedicated volunteers, and local businesses continue to contribute their time and effort into improvement of all three playgrounds (Walford, Webbwood, Massey).

*Creating and developing partnerships with neighbouring communities and organizations.  These partnerships have proven to be beneficial and often create opportunities to leverage funding for regional projects.

 *Creation of a new edition of our tourism guide with regional partners.

 *Creation of a new Strategic Plan for 2016 - 2020

* Beautification - PARCA, Economic Development, and Public Works are working together to continually improve the image of our communities through various efforts, including  “In Memoriam” benches, flower beds and baskets and revamping existing historical markers located throughout the Township.

I look forward to serving our Township and its residents for the next 4 years and hopefully longer.  I encourage residents to approach Council with ideas to promote and help our Township grow and continue to prosper.

Glenda Massicotte
Councillor, Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers