The Building Controls Department is responsible for administering and enforcing the Ontario Building Code Act and its Regulations, the Planning Act and Municipal By-Laws.  This is done through plans examination, issuing the appropriate building permits and conducting site visits at various stages of construction.  

A building permit regulates the type of construction allowed in the community and helps to ensure building standards are met. The building permit process protects each homeowner's interests, as well as those of the community and helps to ensure that any structural change is safe, legal and sound.

By obtaining a permit, you can also take advantage of the professional expertise of Building Division staff. Inspectors are good sources of information and can offer suggestions to help solve construction problems, often before they occur.

If you would like to schedule an in-person meeting, please call the Township Office at 705-865-2646 to set up an appointment.


Mike Campbell
Building Official – Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers
In the municipal office Tuesdays, Wednesdays (Morning only – No inspections) and Thursdays.
Tel. (705) 865-2181 ext. 231
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NOTE: Starting the week of October 30, 2017 there will be a change to the scheduled days available.  It will change to Mondays, Wednesdays (Morning only – No inspections) and Thursdays.


Dan Rivet
Chief Building Official
Tel. (705) 865-2646 
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Joe West
Building Official
Tel. (705) 865-2646
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Attention Contractors

If you work in construction, the rules for mandatory WSIB coverage have changed.  Do you run your own construction business? Are you the purchaser of construction services? Big or small, with workers or without, you still need to know what's changed. Find out what it means for you.

Building Permit Tips & Guidelines

Building Permit Applications can be downloaded from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing website.

Energy Efficiency Design Summary

You can view the The Township's Building By-law 2016-06 here.

Committment Certificate

• A building permit is required for any structure greater than 100 sq. ft.

• The proposed use of the building(s) must conform to the uses
permitted in the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw, and to the
provisions in Bylaw 2016-06; a bylaw for the purpose of issuing
building permits and establishing a schedule of fees.

• A permit for construction on a vacant property is subject to an
entrance permit and driveway requirements. Please inquire at the
Township office if your property has no approved access from a
public road. Access from a provincial highway is subject to
approval from the Ministry of Transportation.

• A permit for a residential dwelling or residential
addition/renovation is subject to Sudbury & District Health Unit approval, to confirm sufficient
capacity of new and existing sewage systems. Health Unit forms are
available at the Township office for your convenience.

• All applications for building permits must be accompanied by a
site plan; indicating setbacks from property lines, other
structures, road, etc., as well as a floor plan of the proposed

• Yard Setbacks:
Depending on the urban/rural locations of the property and the type
of structure being built, these setbacks will vary. Please confirm
the minimum setbacks from property lines and street/road at the
Township office, prior to submitting an application and sketch.