Planning and Zoning

The Planning Department provides direction and recommendations to the Council in all matters related to land use planning within the Township, in compliance with Provincial and Municipal legislation. The department carries out the following duties:

  • Administration of Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw(s) of the Township.

  • Review, process and provide recommendations on land use, subdivision development and zoning applications.

  • Ensure public awareness of application proposals, as required by Provincial regulations.

  • Provide advise and information to Council, as well as other departments, community and business groups and citizens of the Township respecting planning matters.

  • Collector and caretaker of mapping for Township.

The following applications can be downloaded in PDF format. Please feel free to contact the Planning Department for further information on the required processes and assistance with filling in the applications.


Official Plan

Official Plan Schedules (Maps):

Zoning Bylaw

Zoning Bylaw Schedules (Maps):