Public Works

 Director of Operations:  Mark Van Breda
Phone: 705-865-2181 ext 229
Cell:  705-862-2010
Fax:  705-865-2736

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining 250 kilometers of both urban and rural roadways in the summer and winter months.  Roads designated as “year round” have a different service level than roads designated “seasonal”.

Access from any municipal road, regardless of the designation, requires approval from the Public Works department.  A copy of the application can be found here: Driveway/Culvert Application Form

Any fallen trees or debris obstructing the roadways shall be reported to the Public Works Department.

Snow cleaning and removal is the responsibility of the Public Works Department.  Complaints should be directed to the Public Works Department.  Property owners or their contractors are not permitted to deposit snow on the roadways as per the Highway Traffic Act

The Township’s Bylaw 2009-40 regulates parking on municipal roadways.  Parking on any municipal road/street is prohibited during the hours of 2:00am and 8:00am from November 1st until March 31st.  Please read the bylaw in its entirety for exceptions.

The Public Works Director of Operations, in consultation with Council, shall determine if road conditions warrant the removal of the load restriction prior to the 15th day of June in any year.  You can download a copy of the Reduced Loads Bylaw here.

Committee Members

Public Works Committee of the Whole members are:

  • Thoma Miedema, Chair
  • Patricia Hnatuik
  • Harry Hobbs
  • Charlie Smith
  • Les Gamble
  • Glenda Massicotte
  • Susan Sonnenburg