By-Law Enforcement Officer

Mark Van Breda
Phone: 705-865-2358 or 705-865-2181 ext 229
Fax:  705-865-2736


Municipal by-laws are local rules and regulations set out by Council under the authority of the Municipal Act. These by-laws recognize everything from land or property construction to required legislation involving the ownership of pets.  

The By-Law Enforcement Officer is responsible for administering and enforcing by-laws, statutes and regulations within the municipality.


All by-laws and amendments are officially adopted by Mayor and Council within the jurisdiction of the Provincial Statutes of Ontario. 


The most popular and asked-for bylaws have been included in the following  If there is a particular by-law that is missing, please inquire at the Municipal Office or by telephone.


Accessibility Plan By-Law 
Animal Control
Animal Control - Set Fines
ATV By-Law 
Building Bylaw 2016
Burning, Open Air By-Law 
Outdoor Furnace By-Law.pdf 
Parking By-Law  
Procedural By-Law  
Property Standards By-Law  
Reduced Loads Bylaw  
Smoking Bylaw and Amendment  
User Fees Bylaw
Water Restriction By-Law


These by-laws are hosted here in Portable Document Format (.pdf).  You may need Adobe Reader or another .pdf reader to open the files.