Filmmaking in Sables-Spanish Rivers

Nestled on the west end of "Rainbow Country", named for the hit 1970s television show is the Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers.

Commercial photography, film, television and commercial projects will find that the Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers provides unsurpassed rural, natural and small-town locations suitable for many diverse shooting needs.

The municipality has committed to exploring the community's film making potential and we would be open to discussing how we can make your project a reality.


Why film in the Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers?

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Features of the community:

TWO LARGE RIVERS: the Aux Sables and the Spanish Rivers, which include series of waterfalls, picturesque flatwater, sandy and rocky beaches, exposed rock and rail and highway and pedestrian bridges. The Spanish River is mostly undeveloped though there are many waterfront homes east and west of Massey.  The Spanish River empties into Georgian Bay.

DIVERSE ARCHITECTURE including, but not limited to, million dollar homes, abandoned farmhouses, lakefront residences, small apartment buildings, bush camps, working farms, lodges, Mennonite farms and a variety of businesses

MULTIPLE LAKES, wetlands, ponds and creek meandering through a pristine rural landscape. Many of the lakes house waterfront homes, camps and lodges while others are pristine and virtually untouched.  Forested land include solid conifer, solid deciduous, mixed forests, planted forests, unlogged tracts and scrub brush.

TWO SMALL TOWN URBAN CENTERS with main streets, churches, treed neighbourhoods, banks, grocery stores, motels, gas stations, restaurants, storefronts, parkettes, an arena, outdoor rinks, residential areas and empty (aka available) buildings. 

EXTENSIVE FARMLANDS with fields, forest, bluffs, crops and livestock, barns, fencelines, and farmhouses and outbuildings in varying condition from pristine to abandoned

TRANSPORTATION ROUTES including highway 17, Lee Valley Road (secondary highway), railways (rural and small-town urban), waterway, gravel roads, tractor trails, logging roads and hiking trails.  The municipality is located along the TransCanada Highway (Highway 17) with close proximity to Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Elliot Lake and Manitoulin Island. Both Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie have established film making industries.

A CULTURALLY DIVERSE COMMUNITY including established European, Mennonite and First Nations communities

PLENTY OF ACCOMODATION with motels, lodges, private residence billeting, bed and breakfasts and campgrounds to accommodate cast and crew

AN OPEN-DOOR POLICY with a community, municipal staff and municipal council that wants to help your film making project succeed.

For more information on what the Township of Sables-Spanish Rivers has to offer filmmakers, please contact Economic Development Officer Kelli Hansson at or by phone at 705-865-2646 ext. 224